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They were peoples who had known agriculture for some millennia and who felt the need for a system of notation for agricultural products. This writing was also used by workers occuped in the construction of palaces and temples, by mercenaries in the Pharaoh's pay, and also by merchants. The collection of letters was called an alphabet and the writing systems that use signs of this kind acrophonic were named alphabetic systems.

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You want to draw a votive inscription to the Gods so that they protect you in your dangerous job, but you do not know how to do this.

It seems the first people who wrote were the Sumerians and the Egyptians around BC. Second, no cuneiform sources mention Zopyrus as satrap of Babylon. In the rebuses, in the syllabic and in the mixed scripts, some imprecision is allowed. It was perhaps the first city to reach a population aboveUnfortunately, we do not know with certainty what was the purpose of these beautiful images of animals painted on caves, nor the purpose of repeated signs.

The paintings of animals were probably connected to magical rites to foster hunting, while it seems the notches engraved on bones and stones were a way to count something, as for example the days which pass, the lunar months, or the prey captured.

The inexperienced Talbot had made a number of mistakes, and Oppert's translation contained a few doubtful passages which the jury politely ascribed to his unfamiliarity with the English language.

As a consequence, the drawings were altered. Often you see hieroglyphs and you know they are a form of writing, but you are not able to read them, besides you speak a Semitic language, different to that of Egyptians.

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Anyway, if you wanted to show 43 amphorae, you had to carve 43 drawings of amphora. Later on, the phonograms made up of only one letter were called "alphabetic signs". Then they moved on to a phonetic writing system based on the mechanism of the rebus, then they went to a syllabic writing and only at the end did they arrive at alphabetic writing. There was also doubt whether the signs composing a Semite's name represented a phonetic reading or a logographic compound. To avoid this mishap, they began to impress straight marks by mean of a stylus. After this number, the figure of what was counted followed. At school teachers do not explain to students the way writing began. They were very skilled in the arts, science and mathematics. Often you see hieroglyphs and you know they are a form of writing, but you are not able to read them, besides you speak a Semitic language, different to that of Egyptians. Usually, sovereigns imposed taxes on their own subjects as agricultural products. This is still easier to read than the original cuneiform, but now the reader is able to trace the sounds back to the original signs and determine if the correct decision was made on how to read them. Curves were replaced with straight marks and the figures lost their realism. This determinative helped the right interpretation of the word, not just to indicate the end of it. Thus, e. Before writing began During the upper Palaeolithic, , years ago, people started by drawing graffiti and paintings on rocks and walls of caves.

In the first part of the Rawlinson's Memoir was published; the second part did not appear until The inscriptions of Wadi el-Hol, which are one of the first example of alphabetic writing from which will come the Phoenician one, was carved between and b.

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