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Plantation owners in the colonies were furious and fought the measure. His army included radical whites and mixed-race Haitians as well as blacks, whom he trained in guerrilla warfare. Embarrassed about his trickery, Brunet absented himself during the arrest. His immediate family members, including his wife, were captured as well. Prior to , the mulatto population, who were not enslaved, had owned slaves themselves. He soon discerned the ineptitude of the rebel leaders and scorned their willingness to compromise with European radicals. Napoleon agreed to recognize Haitian independence and Toussaint agreed to retire from public life. Toussaint proved to be a brilliant general, winning 7 battles in 7 days. He was Abraham Lincoln and George Washington combined, emancipation and independence in quick succession. In when the Haitian Revolution truly began it was in the name of King Louis. Collecting an army of his own, Toussaint trained his followers in the tactics of guerrilla warfare. Though born a slave in Saint Dominique, Toussaint learned of Africa from his father, who had been born a free man there. The British offered to recognize him as king of an independent Haiti, but, scornful of pompous titles and distrustful of the British because they maintained slavery , he refused. Toussaint first secured safety of his wife and family in the Spanish-controlled eastern half of the island, away from the rebellion.

He played the middle, between visions of universal freedom and the exigencies of a class system. An aristocrat of the Allada kingdom not quite the son of a king as had been legend, Girard concludes he was captured and sold for pounds of cowrie shells around Jean Baptiste Brunet was ordered to do so, but accounts differ as to how he accomplished this.

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After months of fighting, L'Ouverture relinquishes control of the island to Leclerc "to arrest the progress of the evil" associated with warfare p. L'Ouverture writes his autobiography while imprisoned at Joux in order "to render to the French Government an exact account of my conduct" and to acquit himself of treason in the conflict between his Hatian forces and those of French general Charles Leclerc p. The area had been less developed and less densely populated than the French section. Malcolm Harris is a writer and an editor at The New Inquiry. He led thousands of former slaves into battle against French, Spanish and English forces, routing the Europeans and seizing control of the entire island of Hispaniola. Toussaint was homely, short, and small framed. Whittier praises his fortitude and looks forward to the time when L'Ouverture should be Redeemed from color's infamy; And men shall learn to speak of thee, As one of earth's great spirits born In servitude and nursed in scorn, Casting aside the weary weight And fetters of its low estate, In that strong majesty of soul Which knows no color, tongue, or clime, Which still hath spurned the base control Of tyrants through all time!

He dressed simply and was abstemious and a vegetarian. Sonthonax wrote to Louverture threatening him with prosecution and ordering him to get Bayon off the island. Inspired by the French Revolutionand angered by generations of abuse, slaves began slaughtering whites with impunity.

Then a bloody campaign in eliminated another potential rival to Toussaint by driving Rigaud out and destroying his mulatto state.

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Toussaint continued to work for his former owner and married Suzanne Simone Baptiste in After some devious maneuvers, Toussaint forced Sonthonax out in Slave revolts from this time normally ended in executions and failure — this story is the exception.

Zachary Hutchins. Toussaint taught himself military strategies and organized the Haitians into troops. Toussaint Louverture led a successful slave revolt and emancipated the slaves in the French colony of Saint-Domingue Haiti.

Defying French Revolutionary laws, he allowed plantation owners, who had fled during the rebellion, to return.

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