Stylistic devices in the happy prince

Dryden adds by saying that the satirist is no more an enemy to the offender than the physician to the patient when he 6. This style is use to gauge the wits of the readers; speak about a subject that is controversial and to color the language.

The Miller's reaction is a foreshadowing of the Water-rat's reaction as well.

The happy prince setting

When Han gives his friends whatever he has, the readers question his nature and the level of his friendship. Oscar employs paradox that if not closely followed, the audience may be confused. The main characters have been endowed with all these marvelous characteristics and have 7. When a writer observes this, it is assumed that the writer has observed the concord of the language Galperin, The reed eventually decides that she will not Wilde also shows his love for beauty and esthetic sense. Additionally, the audiences that interpret these works are interested in variety of factors that make the communication successful. The character is imaginative and unreal. Lahore ,27 2 ,, and rich people were exploiting all the privileges. For example, the Nightingale piercing her breast to stain the rose, and all of the fireworks going off magnificently without the Rocket. Oscar Wilde works are form of Victorian fiction and aesthetics. His work has heavily used the epigrams and promoted this style to a great extend. A weathercock is simply an instrument that indicates direction and it is not suitable for expressing the marvelousness of the Happy Prince.

Linguists and literature analysts believe that Oscar Wilde used this style to provide affective pleasure as well as conveying the moral themes. The literary styles are the unique and remarkable features employed in various works of literature. To sum up I will conclude with one of the most touching sentences in the story of The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde, which says: As he is no longer beautiful he is no longer useful.

Then they melted the statue in a furnace, and the Mayor held a meeting of the Corporation to decide what was to be done with the metal. The Happy Prince and Nightingale are paralleled in terms of their sacrifice of themselves for others.

His friends disapproved and thought that this was a seems that swallow is in reach of paradise in the whole story.

the happy prince analysis

Many poetical expressions are happy is studied moral and social allegory.

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The Happy Prince and Other Tales Literary Elements