Reflections patterns for reading and writing answers in index

It may even totally ignore some forces. Distinctive Headings Convey Structure helps the reader understand the structure of the pattern language by reminding them where they are in the pattern language. They also often contain alternative, possibly mutually exclusive solutions to the same problem; these can be pointed out by ensuring that Common Problems are Highlighted. Referenced Problem Description solves the problem by including the problem description in one pattern and referring to it from each other pattern that provides an alternate solution. Names containing verbs or prepositions are difficult to use in conversation. Often, this means publishing your patterns exclusively within your company via Intranets or company journals. Or, there may be other patterns that solve the same problem. New Readings The collection of readings has been updated to include more of the contemporary topics that students will want to read about. A long-winded pattern description may cause a reader to skip the pattern entirely because the expected return does not justify the investment. Problem: How do you make it easy for a reader to pick out useful patterns that solve their problem? Solution: When several patterns solve the same problem, make this obvious by pointing out to the reader that there are several solutions to this problem. Within a category any patterns which are clearly subservient to another pattern have been numbered by adding a. The pattern should be as concise as possible without being too terse for most people to understand.

The definitions make the patterns understandable by people unfamiliar with the terminology. Translating abstract concepts into concepts within a specific domain may be difficult for some people.

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Solution Name the pattern after the result it creates. Rationale: A glossary collects terminology from multiple patterns in one place, thereby making the patterns more concise. Once they have determined that a pattern is of interest, they can look at the Context and Forces section for guidance on determining whether it is applicable to their situation.

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We have included an External Pattern Thumbnail for any patterns that are not included within the language. Context: You are writing a pattern with Mandatory Elements Present.

reflections patterns for reading and writing answers in index

Code examples provide concept reinforcement, providing a means for the reader to verify that they have understood the essential concepts of the pattern.

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Reflections: Patterns for Reading and Writing by Kathleen T. McWhorter