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Explain the term Global compensation issues.

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Explain in detail factors influencing compensation policy. A climate of mutual respect is the bais of all relationships — within the Company and with society. Q3 a Explain the career planning perspective including organisational and individual centered career planning. In other words, Siemens became a world leader by pursuing a corporate strategy that emphasized diversifying into high-tech products and services, and doing so on a global basis. It also offers employees extensive continiung education and management development. A living Company is a learning Comapany. Siemens sums up the basic themes of its HR strategy in several points. Required a Describe your opinion on how Siemens rates people as a vital tool in creating organizational competitive advantage 10 marks b How do the 3 key models of Strategic Human Resource Management apply at Siemens from the information in this case 10 marks c Advice Siemens on how it should go in drafting a Training and Development Strategy and show how it should be linked to other HR functional strategies 10marks Question 2 Discuss FIVE key HR strategies an organization can formulate and show how linkages between them influence organizational success in competitive scenarios 20 marks Question 3 a Identify SEVEN barriers to the successful implementation of HR strategies 7 mark b Explain how the barriers identified in 3 a above can be overcome 8marks c Explain the strategic role of HR in organizational transformation 5marks Question 4 a A partnership agreement may be the best way of getting employee relations strategies into action.

Discuss relation between both of them. Q3 a Explain the career planning perspective including organisational and individual centered career planning. Q3 a Elaborate the terms Career planning and succession planning. Explain strategies for learning organisation.

It therefore engages in numerous HR activities aimed at building openness, transparency, and fairness, and supporting diversity.

Q2 a Define HR strategies.

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Explain FIVE actions that can be taken by managers to deal with resistance to change.

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