Propane injection system

This is a dubious claim, especially for newer, modern diesels. Our design control algorithms of GAS injectors are based on control impulses for fuel injectors where real time corrections are calculated for every injector separately.

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

diesel magnum propane injection system

We welcome your inquiries. Tanks sold separately. Subscribe and Save. Propane acts as an accelerant, promoting a more even burn of the Diesel fuel resulting in more power, better fuel efficiency, lower operating costs and lower emissions.

Fuel range is also extended. Nitrous could be used in very small shots to keep things cool and give a little power, but the price would be way too much for the gain that you would get. The technology has been available for more than 50 years and has been rolled out across Europe and the US, as well as the Cayman Islands - another small island application which has proved to be a big success.

It has even been used in lawnmowers.

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4 Cylinder Propane Injection Kit [4cyl]