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Homer narrated a cultural norm where women were idolized and held great power over men in some ways, but were still found as property in their eyes. He was always willing to ensure his power of people.

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With the help of the goddess Athena, Odysseus must endure a challenging journey home after winning the Trojan War. While journeying homewards, Odysseus makes the mistake of harming the Cyclops, who happens to be Poseidon's son.

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He is known as a great hero, because he manages to get through all of these dangerous mission such as : First odysseus makes it alive after travelling for ten years and facing different and more difficult challenges.

One deals with the Greek hero, Odysseus and the other deals with the Trojan hero, Aeneas. OED That is portrayed in the Odyssey through the actions of the protagonist Odysseus, his journey to get back home, his This is because Odysseus is not a hero.

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The honor of every person in Homeric culture was important, but to the hero, his honor was extremely important. This challenge being, can a solider ever truly return home after war, and will they recognize their family or will their family be able to recognize them? Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. The Telemachus subplot is a traditional coming-of-age story. The Kite Runner focuses on Amir taking on life in his suffering country to moving to a land granting great opportunity and ultimately returning home to complete a deed that would stabilize him for the remainder of his life In the epic poem, The Odyssey, by Homer, the main character Odysseus is a valiant king who embarks on a life-changing voyage. Odysseus, hero of the book The Odyssey, is simply fighting to get home. I found in my reading of the Odyssey that most of the trials the gods place upon him are readily faced with heroic means. Johnston AP English Literature and Composition 8 September Journey Essay Most works of literature have their characters embarking on a journey or journeys to reach a desired location whether it is mentally or physically. This fidelity is symbolized best by Argos, who seemingly staved off death until he could see his master home safely. The Greeks are hit by storms on the way home and many ships are destroyed and the fleet is scattered. Telemachus is not fond of these men in his home, but does not have the confidence to get rid of them
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