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Thus, a competing perspective suggests that although innovative behavior is aimed at improving performance, the innovative activities may consume and use the attention and resources that are necessary to in-role job performance, which lead to a smaller relationship between innovative behavior and in-role job performance Harari et al.

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First, co-workers are oftentimes inclined in avoiding the insecurity and stress that changes brings. Creates Internal Turmoil Just as negative employee behavior can affect the employees working around the bad worker, it can also impact management.

If the company shows no interest in employees, that makes it harder for them to care.

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In organizations, gossips serve as a major tool to strengthen informal employee relationship Noon and Delbridge, ; Dunbar, ; Kniffin and Wilson, A culture that tolerates bad behavior gives other employees license to behave the same way.

The self-evaluation perspective Gecas, ; Jussim et al. Second, co-workers that are used to their daily familiar practices and actions are reluctant to change them. In other words, employees can fall into the trap of wanting to get that incentive rather than focusing on performing at a high level to please customers and clients.

effects of negative attitude in the workplace

Your small business mission statement should point an employee to a definition of success. Self-concept is divided as self-conception and self-evaluation, from structural content aspect and evaluative and affective aspect, respectively Gecas, Epstein defines self-concept as a theory person holds about himself experiencing and functioning interact with the outside world, from a perspective of attribution, emphasizing knowledge and beliefs an individual owns.

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How Do Negative & Positive Attitudes Affect the Workplace?