Marketing strategies of maybelline

They used influencers to help reach out to new audiences, getting over 1. They distribute their product through retailers in the mass markets, drug stores, and other malls and supermarkets.

Use influencers. What sort of marketing strategy did the makeup brand use to distinguish itself from all its competitors? Combined with strategic video ad placement, these influencers helped to rack up over 1. By incentivising a few influencers to share your message with their friends, the message can be quickly seen by a massive audience.

Especially if they have a unique edge. Video ads can be effective. He used his knowledge of chemistry to develop beauty products and named the company after his sister to honour her.

loreal marketing strategy

Get in Touch. In the end, what distinguished Maybelline was their foray into video advertising, and also the excellent way they used it to convey their messages. Various global events, shows, beauty pageants are organized by the brand. The Marketing Mix section covers 4Ps and 7Ps of more than brands in 2 categories.

So many consumers recognise the value in the booklets, that fully half of the microsite visitors complete the longer-than-usual questionnaire, consistently providing new targets. In Canada alone, Facebook videos and giveaways welcomed an incredible 15, new fans and 10, contest registrations.

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Maybelline, Creative Strategy