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The goal is to build the right relationships with the right customers. In Pakistan tea is imported majorly from Kenya and Srilanka so the supplier is at power to influence the price due to the limited availability of the raw tea. Customer equity may be a better measure of a firms performance than current sales or market share. Initially it was thought that no company would survive against the giants of Unilever but since Tapal people have started thinking that local brands can do well and new players might decide to come into this market. To increase Lipton Teas popularity as an icon in Herbal Tea product. With this huge potential, there are lots of different TEA brands exist in India. The parent company of Lipton is Unilever. In the busiest of locations, that window could be as little as 30 minutes. As a company they have grown and flourished together with the great nation. On the other hand, media expansion, growth of advertising as a separate industry has resulted in greater exposure of all the brands and masses. This tenacious hot brew attained permanent shelf life in the hearts and minds of the nation ever since it was introduced by the British during the colonial era, and now as the Wests increasing preoccupation with health and health-related products permeates our media, the spotlight has fallen on black teas counterpart. Green teas health benefits to a daily lifestyle will aid in changing the general perception that green tea is a product only to be consumed in the cold winter months. When traveling across a large geographic region, that can be a hard target to hit. We encourage the use of judgment and decision making with ownership and accountability. The Lipton Tea will be placed according to the content of tea bags.

These media are noticed by a large target group which will help the firm to be known. Pakistan's economy mainly encompasses textiles, chemicals, food processing, agriculture and other industries. As Indian are highly priced sensitive and considering high competition in the market, Lipton follows competitive pricing strategy.

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Green Tea was among most sold tea type of Lipton whose footprint was very high especially from Mumbai to Pune; Lipton has more than distributors.

We must keep in mind that tea is hot beverage consumed by people all over the world at highest after water. It can easily be assumed that the demand for green tea is increasing.

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Dogs A dog is a condition in which the company has very low market growth rate and has a lowrelative market share. The Lipton team is also aware of this fact, and they see future growth in terms of a brand new market with a separate identity from black tea.

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Business Strategy of Unilever (Lipton)