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I love printing out my photos each month: there is something very rewarding about holding a print in your hand. Go for the experience of learning and understanding more about photography.

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I mean to let your imagination run a little wild. Think beyond appearance and dig a little deeper for this project to see what you come up with. Better photographs of their animals will help them find homes. I exported my files for print along the way since I was adding watermarks and this system kept the images in chronological order by date. Take a Class Look for classes or workshops that introduce you to different styles of photography. Not sure where to start and looking for some inspiration? Lifestyle Documentary Photo by Erika Sneeringer Find a family that will allow you to follow them around for a few days documenting their life. Emotional Self-Portraits Take one self-portrait each day that shows your emotions and happenings of that day. This way I can act fast when I see something that catches my eye, when I find an amazing mural, the light is just so, or when my kids are in a great mood and ready to be photographed. It is another subtle way to share your photos with those who come into your home. Now, visit Brent Rents Lenses and rent the lens before you commit to a purchase. Or you may find out that you must have that lens right now because it is so amazing your photography will never be the same again without it! Go to a local aquarium and shoot the exhibits.

To give it to a friend, put it on social media, hang it on your wall, make a book? Put Your Photos in the Most Visible Location in Your Home Putting a slideshow of your photos on your TV is a great way for friends and visitors to see your photos on a big beautiful screen.

How to present a photography project

Write down what went wrong or what you could or should have done differently. For me, my most used lens is the Canon 2. If you have children, let them run around and play in the rain. TIP: Your photos need to obviously display the theme. Clickin Moms mentor Jessica Nelson You will learn how to work through creative ruts Every photographer finds herself in one from time to time: the dreaded creative rut. People Wearing…. Because these are animations, they can only be shared digitally.

After all, if you come back with a terrible personal project it just sucks for yourself. Whether you are an avid iPhone user or support the other guys, there is nothing to stop you from treating your cell phone as a professional camera.

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Also, I would highly recommend trying to shoot outside of your typical lighting comfort zone. You will go on more adventures, find yourself always looking for a good composition and hunting for good light. Go Black and White Stunning black and white photos have become something of a lost art. However, if you don't like the idea of committing to a project for a whole year, then you could just do this for 30 days This might be a great one to do around the time of thanksgiving or simply make a list of all the things you are grateful for and set about photographing them when you can - kinda like a photography bucket list for the year. The girls will love playing dress up, having their pictures taken and pretending to be models for a couple of hours. The second week, pick a different aperture and shoot with only that aperture all week. Your Meals Take a picture of one meal a day for a month.

I fully intend doing another one before the year is out, and it's something I think I will do at least once a year.

When you print your book, include the quotes from each person.

how to start a photography project
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Why you should start a photography project this year