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To cause attention doorbell sounds are used as sound effect for when the inspector arrives at the door.

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Share Email Post This interesting and engaging lesson enables students to build their understanding of the dramatic devices employed by J. Priestley's An Inspector Calls Dramatic irony, sound and lighting effects and cliffhangers are some of the techniques used by priestly to involve the audience whilst conveying his concerns.

The Inspector tells them about a girl who has committed suicide earlier on that evening. As in the World War 2 ended and this was when the labour party got elected as government. It stays like that until that the inspector Goole arrives.

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It warns the audience about what will happen. His main concerns were the idea of responsibility that everybody should look after everybody around and not just concern about themselves How far is he a believable policeman? Priestley 'An Inspector Calls' begins with the Birlings and Gerald Croft celebrating when they are interrupted by a call from an Inspector.

Secondly, the new generation embodied by Sheila andEric who has a will to assert her acts, more take care of the others.

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When Gerald confesses to Sheila about what had happened between him and Eva Smith, the Inspector comes in as soon as they have stopped arguing. The inspector himself is a dramatic device : Firstly, it interests the audience because with his entrance, the atmosphere changes.

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Priestley's An Inspector Calls In the play 'An inspector calls' by JB priestly, there are a range of dramatic devices used, you can see foreshadowing; where the characters hint at things that you see or learn later. We can notice that the play is set in but he wrote it in He disrupts the celebrations to show just how many lies the family is based upon, as if Capitalists are never able to share their thoughts and doing freely without a feeling of shame. Priestly's main concern is to make to make the world a better place to live in for everyone. He is totally wrong. B Priestly. Through his play he uses a number of characters to represent the class structure of , in which he wants the audience to compare their lives of and after 2 world wars, to before them. B Priestley, used dramatic devices within 'An Inspector Calls' to convey his concerns and ideas to the public. B Priestly an inspector is introduced who wants to show and teach the Birling family. Similarly the period after the First World War was equally difficult. Although the Birlings are rich enough to afford comfortable furniture, they have no sense of belonging to a family to make it cosy, like they have no sense of community. It created tension and suspens.
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An Inspector Calls: Priestley's Dramatic Devices by TandLGuru