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In the essay itself, there is no separation of Bentham the man from Bentham the philosopher, which would have been an obvious way of paying personal tribute.

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Of the three great questions in government, then, Bentham virtually ignores two, and supplies a questionable answer for the third. He is not merely the wrecker clearing old houses from the site to prepare for new building; he is in some sense an architect of the new, even if his plans seem all wrong. Mill argues that utilitarianism coincides with "natural" sentiments that originate from humans' social nature. John argues about utilitarianism with the sole aim of supporting the value of the theory as a moral theory. There always will be some pain but in the long run it will be justified with a larger degree of pleasure. It emphasis that happiness is the same to everyone; my good does not differ from the good of someone else. What is one to make of the paradox? Where Bentham is successful, Mill argues, is in those areas which do not involve moral philosophy. Enough if each does it for his own. James grew up poor but was influenced by his mother, who had high hopes for the formerly named Milne family, and educated himself becoming a preacher and then executive in the East India Company. As in , here he can praise Bentham unreservedly.

Obituary of Bentham Appendix C. Looking at Kant he argues that we should follow our reasoning since they will ensure we achieve total happiness and on the other hand Mill argues that our actions are the ones that determine our happiness.

Heretics are not all of one sort: some reject the old religion totally and subscribe to another set of beliefs, some wish to abandon parts of the orthodox doctrine as excrescences or debasements or perversions, some question the definitions and doctrines and seek a re-definition.

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An analogy is suggested by his own description of his early enthusiasm for Benthamism as a religion. Her pride would diminish, her stability would fall apart, and the children would be forced to view a nasty side of their beloved father.

There always will be some pain but in the long run it will be justified with a larger degree of pleasure.

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What would be thought of an assailant of Christianity, who should judge of its truth or beneficial tendency from the view taken of it by the Jesuits, or by the Shakers? This power the State ought to control. The Radical philosophy which has become so dominant through his influence places all its faith in the rule of a numerical majority, a faith Mill was increasingly inclined to question. The doctrine, in short, by which Benthamism aims at producing a just yet stable society, will end by producing a static one, and the static society becomes an unjust society. He supports this claim by showing that all the other objects of people's desire are either means to happiness, or included in the definition of happiness. In many of the most natural and strongest feelings of human nature he had no sympathy; from many of its graver experiences he was altogether cut off; and the faculty by which one mind understands a mind different from itself, and throws itself into the feelings of that other mind, was denied him by his deficiency of Imagination. They are, in fact, deliberately created or cultivated prejudices or, to use a more modern terminology, states of conditioning.

He is, in short, not the type of heretic who rejects the whole religion, but the type who sees himself, not as a heretic, but as the exponent of the true faith, warped in its transmission by the narrowness of vision of the prophets before him.

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