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Citations and abstracts for Weill dissertations may also be found in ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global see Step 1, above for to date.

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To find catalog records for the B. You will see the items checked off as you progress through the submission steps. You will not be certified for graduation until the formatting of your ETD has been fully approved by the Graduate School. Before , only some Cornell dissertations were digitized. The papers-option dissertation or thesis must meet all format and submission requirements, and a singular referencing convention must be used throughout. We received copies of these unbound dissertations about six weeks after the conferral of degrees. The circulating copy goes to the stacks. Another bibliography linked from ILR School Theses and Dissertations updates masters theses and doctoral dissertations entries to Sixth-eighth semesters: focus on research. You are encouraged to plan ahead, carefully budget your time, and reach out to the people who can help you throughout the process. Nearly all of these theses that were filmed have individual records for the microfilm copy in the Cornell Library Catalog. We also have a set of thesis catalog cards organized by department in a cabinet located in the hallway of the Olin staff area.

This information will make it easier for others to find your work when searching the web. Click here for a list of degree programs with call number classifications.

ProQuest provides worldwide distribution of your work from the master copy.

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ILR Masters theses and doctoral dissertations. Locating Cornell Undergraduate Theses eCommons Cornell has the full text of some undergraduate honors theses.

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A pre-published copy of the full text along with the metadata is delivered to the university repository Cornell Theses and Dissertations collection in eCommons within several hours of a submission being released to ProQuest for publication in PQDTG. The finding aid for Department of History senior honors theses, Fifth semester: prepare for and take A Exam for admission to Ph. Department of Government honors theses, The Thesis Distribution List is a useful aid for browsing Cornell theses by general subject. We also have a set of thesis catalog cards organized by department in a cabinet located in the hallway of the Olin staff area. As of , with the submission of dissertations in digital form directly to ProQuest, this workflow has changed. Using the left menu, you can return to any page and make changes until the point of final submission. ProQuest's turn time typically averages about 4 to 6 weeks from receipt to online publication. A finding aid for this collection of Government undergraduate theses.

To browse a thesis call number classification, do a Call Number search in the Catalog. Additional information may be available i.

Ninth semester approximate : take B Exam Ph. Outside the U.

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Six weeks before graduation: Take your B or M exam. Each thesis has an entry that gives bibliographical info as well as committee chairperson, degree date, call number, and an abstract.

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Submitting Your Thesis/Dissertation : Graduate School