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For those who are members o f exploited or oppressed groups, this means taking up the project o f mental decolonization—of confronting internal- ized racism and sexism, self-hatred, guilt, and despair.

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After all, love is an incredibly malleable concept: no two people experience it the same way. Because love is necessary work and it is in love that we learn to resist, thrive, and lead under any circumstances. We've been through too much together. In other words, we must be engaged i n the ongoing effort to locate and address wealmesses i n our own understanding of ourselves and the world around us, while fos- tering that ongoing effort i n others. T h i s process o f critical ed- ucation, this nurturing of spiritual growth, is always undertaken with others, who not only help me with the critical practice, but also support me through the more d i f f i - cult aspects o f that task. You might also like As a culture we are obsessed with the notion of safety. She argues that love is about hope and equality. T h e ideal of the beloved community does not demand that we take up our role i n the community purged o f all o f our cultural and historical particularity. This is the essence of nurturing—to affirm and facilitate growth toward a possibility o f flourishing that is only latent i n the here and now. Lovelessness is a boon to consumerism. Love is about community. It is a k i n d of potent and unpredictable psychic force which, for better or for worse, simply hap- pens to us. While a choice to love is preferable, a lot of the time it is unconscious. As hooks observes, "as long as our society holds up a vision o f democracy that requires the surrender o f bonds and ties to lega- cies folks hold dear, challenging racism and white supremacy will seem like an action that diminishes and destabilizes"

The definition of love that she borrows and endorses is also very powerful and transformative. You might also like Similarly, we must be willing to confront the shortcomings and weaknesses within our communities. O n another level, through my service, I learn that, to the extent that I, too, am loved by you, you will not want to see me reduced to an object and dominated through my service.

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If that's not your thing, take note. It may be a k i n d o f magical gift, or a horrible curse, but either way, we have no control over it. But when she isn't on -- the voice feels moralizing and sermon-like, hard to swallow.

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I feel that hooks sees too much room for possibility in a world so totally dominated by capitalism. In other words, we must be engaged i n the ongoing effort to locate and address wealmesses i n our own understanding of ourselves and the world around us, while fos- tering that ongoing effort i n others. Love can be experienced in a plethora of ways, although it is not always clear what is love. All About Love is an attempt to provide a vision for a more loving, equal feminist movement, and through it, a more loving society. References bell hooks W e don't love abstractions, we love people, and people are always particular. This practice creates a consumerist culture, and an entirely selfish one. W h a t is needed, then, is political movement that is revolutionary i n its vision o f creating a new world, yet is motivated by and directed toward an ethic o f love, as opposed to power or self-interest. It is indebted to theolog- ical appeals to love, but ultimately offers an account o f the nature and power o f love that stands independent o f any particular spiritual tradition, hooks is trying, in other words, to be respectfiil of the Christian tradition of love without being bound by it, and in that sense her work offers an important and distinct contribution to a theoretical ac- count o f love that deserves philosophical attention. Whether nurturing house plants, or cats, or children, we must continu- ally return to and affirm our ongoing commitment to the practice of nurturing. As she puts it: " A love ethic presupposes that everyone has the right to be free, to live fully and well" hooks,

O f course, responsibility is not merely directed toward the past, but must also inform our approach to the future. To give two brief criticisms, because it wasn't actually perfect, and that's important: it's pretty god-heavy.

A child who is presented to the world with clean clothes and a full belly may be utterly deprived of love and affection at home; a child who goes to bed hungry could be surrounding with love every moment of their lives.

If we are to work together i n this way, we must ap- proach each other i n the spirit o f love.

Bell hooks essay on love

However, if the leaders of such movements refuse to address the anguish and pain of their lives, they will never be motivated to consider personal and political recovery.

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