Argumentative essay on affordable care act

As ofhealth insurers cannot deny or cancel coverage for someone with a pre-existing condition. The conditions that they cite include the fact that an applicant may have been a victim of gender violence, had undergone Cesarean section or breast cancer.

The goal of this act was to make sure every American had health insurance by January The Obamacare is one of the hottest topic for the past several years and plays a significant role in our political preferences.

Despite the changes, employers would still benefit from a tax credit to help them pay for health insurance if they met the above criteria.

conclusion on affordable care act

In the conventional plans, the coverage is routinely excluded since there is high incidence of childbirth per a pool of the insured.

The other issue that causes a lot of controversy in the mode of operation witnessed in the government is the increased violation of the rights of the conscience of the patients. Another conventional approach that the common day insurers take in covering women is that of discriminating women based on a gender based preexisting condition.

Around 44 million Americans did not have healthcare because of cost constraints or pre-existing conditions. Even though the market is available to all citizens; There are at least half of a million Americans without health insurance plans.

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Old people are also beneficiaries. Controversy surrounded health care reform long before the enactment of the Affordable Care Act.

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Obama Care Essay Examples & Outline