An analysis of the life and works of diego velasquez

For 18 months the authorities have been excavating the site of the church which is buried under a residential area.

diego velazquez paintings

It a great example of Velazquez's commitment to not only showing us the privileged lives of his royal subjects, but also to express his love of everyday people and experiences with a noted sincerity toward depicting reality in all its forms.

On June 26 he returned to Madrid, and on July 31 he was stricken with fever. Frequently the discussion centered on master artists such as Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, and Caravaggio and the theory of art. In he received a visit from the older, renowned Flemish Baroque artist, Rubens, who spent six months at the court in Madrid.

On the left, Bacchus and the satyr behind him are quite naked except for the traditional loose cloths of classical mythology.

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The painting is firm and solid in its figures while the light and dark areas show an evolution from Velazquez's former works. Every artist copied it and looked upon it as a miracle.

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10 of Velázquez’s Most Famous Paintings